The Gospel and the Future of Cities: A Call Action

As Christians who gathered together in Ecuador for The Gospel and the Future of Cities Summit and the Habitat III conference organized by the United Nations, we experienced the contribution Christians of good will can make to international efforts focused on shaping global urban development. Through our deliberations, prayers, and engagement several constructive outcomes arose. Foremost is a call to urban action and a supporting campaign to help Christians participate in building just, sustainable, and healthy cities, towns, and neighborhoods. 

The The Gospel and the Future of Cities: A Call Action will be released in Oct. 2017.  Watch this space for forthcoming details.

Other Actions to Consider:

Attend the UN-Habitat Urban Thinkers Campus: Faith Based Engagement With the New Urban Agenda

In the lead up to Habitat III where the New Urban Agenda was ratified, and the Urban Shalom Project co-hosted The Gospel and the Future of Cities Summit, UN-Habitat held 26 Urban Thinkers Campuses creating opportunities for different countries and sectors to have input into its design.

Campuses are now being held to work on strategy for implementation. The Urban Shalom Project is co-hosting a campus focusing on the contribution that faith communities can make to the development of cities. Please consider joining us in Singapore this November (2017) for this ground-breaking faith-based Urban Thinkers Campus.  We will share two and a half days in our respective faith communities, coming together for the final two and a half days for consultaions with other faiths.  To learn more read the Faith-Based Urban Thinkers Campus proposal at this link.

Watch this space for more information coming soon.

For more information please contact Chris Elisara at